When we buy a home, or have it designed by a professional, we usually neglect to pay attention to the design and details of a garage door and how integral it is as part of the whole design and structure of the home. When you try to design a home, you think of how it could reflect your personality and your choice, it represents your lifestyle. Same is the case with garage doors. Choose a garage door that fits with the design of your home. There so many styles and designs to make the garage door look stunning, in fact few have started landscaping it as well to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are many styles and designs of garage doors available. You can select the one that fits your home perfectly.

Contemporary Glass Doors

These doors are modern, chic and are usually made of tinted and paneled glasses or a frosted polycarbonate. Acrylic inserts could be used with beautiful glow of the doors from the inside. The lighting could be orange or some other suitable color of your choice. This design gives a modern look and the glow make it look even more interesting. Overhead lights could also be used with soft lighting and the glass panels are frosted or translucent so the cars are not visible. The subtle glow through the glass door gives it a very modern yet tasteful look. In the morning, it allows the light to shed into the garage door while making the interior garage room still private for the outsiders.

Wooden Garage Doors

When you pick wooden garage doors there are number of options that come to mind. For example, what kind of wood, color, style and design should the garage door have. Some might go for mahogany style doors while others might go for barn style garage doors others with window panels and handles or they just go for rustic vintage look.

For those who wish to have more classic urban style door, use cedar wood to design plain simple garage doors. It could even have panels if you like. The simple but classic door looks quite elegant particularly in the urban settings with classic architectural homes.

If you are going for a more rustic or barn style garage door you could use rich wood from old carriage doors or simple wood and make foldable garage doors. It gives a neat clean look. You could use the old handles of the carriage doors with steel brackets.

Bright colors for wood like, light shade of orange with homes of light brown and yellow hue looks good with stone or brick built architectural homes.

Glass & Wood Panel Garage Doors

The wood doesn’t necessary have to have a rustic antique or farm style look for the design of the garage door. It can be a combination of both rustic designs with hint of chic modern style.

Usually styles of different architectural design come from various cultures. For example; arch shaped dark wooden garage doors with decorative handles and sculpted pillars give the garage doors a beautiful but chic Mediterranean look.

The arched garage doors can have glass window panels on top and be surrounded with ivy on the side giving it a beautiful landscape design

Old well maintained mahogany garage doors with glass doors and vintage handles give the door a rustic yet contemporary look.

If you really feel, like mixing up the glass and window frames, you could have tinted glass garage door with wooden panels across like a lodge. Or to give it more of a contemporary classic look, use dark wooden garage door with glass panels on the side, it looks gorgeous and accentuates the whole architectural setting of the home.

Barn wood style doors with bricks on the exterior combined with antique handles, steel panels and wooden frame gives a lovely combination of chic and antique style garage doors.

Which Door Should You Open?

The above-mentioned garage doors and many more styles are available for you to choose from. The bottom line is pick the door that will accentuate the architectural design of the house. Furthermore; the door and the design must represent your style and personality. Even if you cannot afford expensive garage doors you can always spruce it up by landscaping the garage door and drive way of the garage. It will make a whole lot of difference.