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We have been servicing Residential and Commercial customers since 1965. We know which products work and only use the highest quality materials available. Whether you are in need of service on an existing garage door, installing a new garage door, or just need regular maintenance on your exiting system, our professionals are here to meet whatever your needs are. Call us today 713-462-4363

With so many products and different prices on the market, we know it can be very confusing to our customers. We are here to work with you to help you navigate through all the different products to help find that perfect solution that best fits your situation.

Whether your need is for choosing a garage door or an opener for your home or business, we will offer a high-quality solution that falls your budget. We are here for you from the beginning all the way through the whole process of Selection, Installation and future Maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?
Costs vary based on model and specifications along with a few other factors. Quotes are available by simply contacting us.

Can I Install My Garage Door Myself?
We highly recommend you do NOT do it yourself! Garage doors are under very high tension and can be dangerous if you are not familiar with these dangers. Mishandling can cause serious injury or even death. Improper installation can also further damage your garage door and components or can lead to a premature failure damaging vehicle or worse, a person. We recommend installs be done by our qualified professionals who understand these hazards and navigate all these risks


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