We Care About Your Safety

Garage door accidents account for between 20,000 to 30,000 injuries and/or deaths every year – mostly involving young children. Garage doors can easily weigh over a 100 pounds, with larger overhead doors exceeding 200 pounds. With this information, we want to ensure that your garage doors are operating properly and that they are as safe to operate, both manually and with your Garage Door Opener.

Here is a list of top points that you should familiarize yourself with in order to guarantee the safety of your family and friends.

NEVER let children play in the close proximity of an open garage door.

EDUCATE your children about the importance of garage door safety. It is important to recognize that improper use of a Garage Door can be dangerous.

LEARN how to operate the designated Release Cord, to free the door from the opener in case of an emergency. Always remember to inspect your Garage Door Springs before pulling the release cord in the open position!

CHECK the force limits of your Garage Door Opener! See your Garage Door Opener manual for instructions, or call us for help!

KEEP the Safety Sensor Eyes within 6 inches of the ground! Make sure they are operating properly at all times.

ALWAYS keep a close watch over the door when it is in operation.

INSPECT all of the key components of your door’s working system on a monthly basis, or have them inspected by us if you are unsure of what to look for.

NEVER try to adjust any parts (especially torsion springs) by yourself. Garage Door Parts can be under extreme tension, and they should only be dealt with by trained professionals.

PLEASE follow all of these tips. Your family’s safety is important to you and us, so let’s be proactive to minimize the risks.

A Garage Door and the devices used to open it must be properly installed and checked regularly to make sure that they will not malfunction or jam, or become dangerous. Operating a Garage Door or a Garage Door Opener that is not properly serviced or in working repair can lead to costly repairs, or worse. Make sure your Garage Door is safe to operate at all times!


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