We Care About Your Safety

There are approximately 30,000 injuries/deaths caused every year by door systems that are malfunctioning. That is why it is so vital that you know how to keep everything safe and running properly.

Here is a list of top points that you should familiarize yourself with in order to guarantee the safety of yourself and your family.

NEVER let children play in the close proximity of an open garage door.

EDUCATE your children about the importance of garage door safety. This will help them to understand why they should behave as responsibly as possible.

LEARN how to operate the designated release cord, to free the door from the opener in case of an emergency.

CHECK the force limits of your door opener, by testing it yourself, reading the owner’s manual carefully, or calling a professional for advice.

KEEP the door lifter at an absolute minimum of 5 feet from the ground.

ALWAYS keep a close watch over the door when it is in operation.

INSPECT all of the key components of your door’s working system on a monthly basis, or have them inspected professionally if you are unsure of what to look for.

NEVER try to adjust any parts (especially torsion springs) by yourself. This is a really serious business, and they can only be dealt with by a trained professional. If they were not done with the utmost care, there could be very serious consequences.

PLEASE follow all of these tips, because your family’s safety is not something that should ever or can ever be compromised.

The garage door and the devices used to open it must be properly installed and checked regularly to make sure that they will not malfunction or jam, or become dangerous. This is important because it is something that should be safe, secure and trouble-free. A system that isn’t working properly can cause serious injury or even death.


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